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Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

Twenty-four (24) credits are required for graduation.  The School District requires that each student must enroll in six classes per semester.  7/8 grade students failing 3 or more subjects may be retained in their current grade. 


Specific requirements for graduation are:


Language Arts           4 credits

Social Studies            4 credits

Mathematics              3 credits

Science                     3 credits

Physical Education/Health  1 credit

Financial Literacy     .5 credit

Electives                   8.5 credits


Students may enroll in the correspondence school for any course that is not offered at this school.  Courses that are offered here but taken through the correspondence or summer school will be accepted for credit towards graduation only if the student has failed them at least once in this school.  The Principal may grant exceptions to this rule if a senior is within 1-2 credits for graduation.  Certain hardship cases or class overload situations may also be considered for exceptions.  All correspondence will be entered on the High School Transcript regardless of whether it is used toward graduation requirements. 


(copied from the school planner handbook)